Aż chce się żyć ,gdy czytasz teksty Vincenta, Mojego Duchowego Syna



As i am observing wisdom in my thinking time over the journey of life; I discover that there are a-times in life when we need someone to say to us, “TAKE COURAGE!” Not that we are created to be pitted but to find motivation from the world around us as iron sharpens iron especially these time Coronavirus is on board. It’s quite understood that not everybody have enough to sustain themselves this period, talk more of those who have family to take care of, those who live by daily income, those who lose their job and those who live by begging.

I know that the situation is going to put many in depth. Why? Because in some country, their Government are trying, while in some country, there Government are not helping matters. It’s quite understood that as “home stay” wave bye, the electricity bills and house rents…

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